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NEW POST: Eloquii’s Future Is As Bright As My Hair!

So, I’m sure it’s no mystery that I’m a fan of Eloquii. I was before they folded, and even more so once they returned- thanks to a hearty group of employees that saw the potential in the plus brand. Not only am I thrilled about the spirit behind the brand, their designs are obviously elevated from where they once were.

So when they offered to give me a piece or two, you best believe I snatched up this dress. From the flattering fit and the swingy skirt to the abstract print and comfortable fabric, it was clear this dress would be an easy go-to for dressier days and fabulous events. 

While they’re sold out of the dress, you can still snag the skirt version here. (But hurry, it’s almost gone too!)

Dress: Eloquii

Shoes: Boohoo

Sunglasses: BCBG

Clutch: Schutz

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  8. gryffin-dyke said: wowwwww i completely forgot about eloquii but just looked at their dresses — my jaw is dropped and i’m ready to spend my whole paycheck lol! the magenta and orange maxi dress: yum!
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