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P.S. It’s Fashion <3’s boohoo

Have you heard about the UK brand boohoo? Like every other brand that comes from the UK (ASOS, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, New Look) they’re edgy, chic and so on trend. Thankfully, they’re also totally affordable, with prices that resemble those at Forever21/H&M.

Well, in even more awesomer news, boohoo now has come to the US! They’re taking over the world, making it more fashionable, country by country… And thankfully they’re here to inject us with some British fabulousness.

When I attended their boohoo takeover event I was thrilled to see their stylishly affordable clothes in action (along with super delicious libations, an interactive photobooth, talented DJ and basement-esq flashback of a wall that everyone decorated with black-light paint!

While they don’t currently offer plus sizes (fingers crossed that changes in the near future!), their accessories are trendy and cool enough that it’s worth hitting their site- regardless of your size!

Jacket: ASOS (Size 14)

Sweater: Old Navy (Size XL)

Vest: H&M (Size 12)

Jeans: Old Navy (Size 16)

Sneaker Wedges: Boohoo (Size 9)

Hat: Boohoo

Bag: Sam Edelman

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P.S. It's Fashion

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